Keep the Magic of Christmas Alive!



Virtual Visit with Santa

For larger families or those who just want a little more, the 15 minute virtual visit is perfect to allow more children to spend an extra few minutes with the Jolly Elf.


Virtual Visit with Santa

A fun filled virtual visit with Santa that is perfect for 1 or 2 children. A fully interactive experience allows you and your family to talk to Santa, ask questions and discuss your "wish lists".  Make the experience even more special by providing details about your child prior to the visit - guaranteed to keep the magic of Christmas alive for years to come.


For a magical Christmas Eve event, schedule a virtual visit with Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.  Watch as children's eyes come alive as they make their last minute requests and ask questions about the global journey on which Santa is about to embark. With a little help from parents, Santa will call each child by name and verify that they are "on the list".  Book your visit today. Openings are filling up quickly for this exclusive Christmas Eve event.

The Santa Team

Santa Jack & Mrs. C. like to perform as a team. When you hire Santa Jack, Mrs. C. often comes along as a bonus (so long as she has not fallen behind on making the cookies for the Elves).

​One or two words from the deep, rich, basso profundo voice that belongs to Santa Jack and you'll know you've truly met the “Big Guy” himself (don’t miss viewing “Watch Santa’s Video” just below the  “Santa Photos.” And, you'll be hard pressed to find anyone better qualified to hold the reins of a sleigh propelled by ten very special Reindeer and lands on rooftops than Santa Jack, who, after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy, went on to a career as a qualified aircraft carrier pilot.

​Mrs. C. has accompanied Santa Jack throughout his four years at the naval Academy, 21 years as a Naval Aviat, and through the many years that followed. She retired as the Social Director of the Naval Aviation Schools Command (one of two such positions in the U. S. Navy), and knows virtually everything about manners and such (at least she knows how to make Santa use his napkin). Mrs. C. has a special affinity with children and adds sparkle to your visit.

​While the silvery hair and flowing white beard may hint that Santa Jack now counts his “Claus-ing” career by the decades, the impish twinkle in his eyes leaves no doubt that here's a man who fervently believes that "nobody is ever too old to have a wonderful childhood." In or out of "uniform" (but, never out character), Santa Jack's whimsical personality always leaves children, of all ages, believing ever so much more in the magic and wonderment with which he fills the Christmas holiday season.

​Make your Christmas Party one that your children (and you) will remember for the rest of your lives.

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