A Home Visit

Santa & Mrs. C. will add magic to your parties and have your guests reliving their childhood Christmas experiences!!

​Santa likes to make an entrance playing “Here Comes Santa Claus” on his Scottish Bag Pipes prior to seating himself in a soft seat next to Mrs. C. When they have settled in, with the children arranged around their feet, Mrs. C. enjoys reading the children a short story and Santa regales the Tots with a Tall Tale or Two, interspersed with the Singing of a Seasonal Song with Rudolph and another with Frosty, (two of our traveling companions). We have found that we are frequently accompanied in song by all of the "children" in the audience, regardless of age (if we are not, we often start over).

We do have an Elf whom we allow to visit with us, so long as he behaves nicely. Frequently, Santa provides the audience with an appropriate magical trick or two prior to interviewing his three foot tall clientele. We have found that Mrs. C. is exceptional at encouraging those recalcitrant two year old's to visit her knee when they seem to be a bit overly cautious about the other Claus in the room. 

Amazingly, with the assistance of another E.L.F. (Electronically Linked Female – Mom’s higher pitched voice can be heard more clearly than Dad’s), Santa magically knows the child's name and a bit of the child's recent "nice" behavior.

​Santa & Mrs. C. normally make their departure following Santa's recitation of "The Night Before Christmas"  Of course, no departure is truly as appreciated as when it is accompanied by the playing of the Scottish Highland Bag Pipes… The Original Anti-Social Distancing Device!!!

​We also enjoy visits to professional organizations where we present the "The History of Santa Claus," and to churches and Sunday schools where we present the Biblical story of the birth of Baby Jesus and tie in how Saint Nicholas became associated with Christmas.